Our Purpose

SC provides consultation, research, and technology solutions for initiatives that involve: developing innovative technology services, revenue growth, IP development, and international expansion strategies.

We work with a wide range of companies and public organizations, executing proven solutions to implement new technologies and services within the public realm. Most recently we have been working with SaaS providers and Transportation Network Companies in Europe and North America to develop new modes of micro transit for the sharing economy. We are also implementing Machine Learning and other intelligent analytics into some of our clients' SaaS solutions.

Our teams work across business and technology divisions to help companies finely tune their evolving strategies for sustainable growth. SC engages directly with company leadership to assess technologies, products, and services. SC helps businesses refine their products’ technology value by mapping new products to market, defining a unique brand identity, securing funding, and more.

Our Process

Remaining Lythe, Agile, Lean, Elastic, and Disruptive Throughout Your Product’s Lifecycle

Lythe, Agile, Lean, Elastic, and Disruptive are often among the terms used to describe the business and technology teams of SMEs who are innovating and succeeding in the tech sector. And when your team is new, and your product is young, and in that pre-commercialization stage you can often live up to these values as you start moving through the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL).

But a trend we repeatedly see is that as new SMEs approach TRL-9 or beyond, and begin to commercialize their MVP, the added pressures of ensuring that their application supersedes the competition increase sharply. Whether pressure comes through product differentiation, or by adding value through functionality, there are are also responsibilities of meeting regulatory and compliance standards, and its often at this point that Product and Software Development Team costs soar.

If you’re in the B2B SaaS sector you want to exceed your competition in the market by building a product that is admired and trusted by your clients. They need to know your system enables their business to save money, increase revenue, and satisfy their customers’ demands because of the intelligence and reliability of your solution. But to do this and sustain high quality, such that your clients promote your service, your product has to not only meet the market’s current needs, it has to continually be evolving to become the standard the competition starts to follow.

It’s at this juncture where additional labour costs to increase throughput often occur and the debate between integrating third party services can become a tangled web of complex decisions that you and your leadership team have to make. We have developed methods to support our clients through this process such that they can build a sustainable solution by working with us through five distinct phases.

Our Team

Sandler Consultancy has access to an expert team of Senior Software Architects, Machine Learning professionals, as well as full stack software engineers with experience building enterprise level solutions with cloud services, comprehensive database layers, as well as using a range of frontend/backend languages and application frameworks. Our team has built B2B enterprise level applications for the sharing economy, transportation, e-commerce, social network, and consultancy sectors.

Ilan Sandler


For more than two decades, Ilan has worked internationally with organizations within the arts, tech, and transportation sectors. In 2013 he consulted for Metavera Solutions Inc. to scale a Software as a Service shared mobility solution. While Vice President of Operations he oversaw growth that culminated in the successful acquisition of Metavera’s assets and its software IP by Enterprise Holdings Inc. In 2017 he formalized Sandler Consultancy to serve clients in more than twenty countries. As principal, he leads the initiatives that are helping a wide range of companies and public organizations execute proven solutions for implementing new technologies and services within the public realm. Most recently he has been working with Transportation Network Companies in Europe and North America to develop new modes of micro-transit for the sharing economy. Ilan engages directly with company leadership to evaluate technologies, products and services to fine tune evolving strategies for sustainable growth.

Julie Tuggle-Ngyuen

Director: Organizational Management

Julie has built more than 20 years of Transportation and IT sector experience in organizational design and human resource management by working with both large and small companies; including many years with General Motors and Enterprise Holdings Inc. She has been successful as a key business partner, trusted advisor, and organizational leader who plans, reviews, and initiates highly comprehensive Human Resource strategies and Organizational Design initiatives. Her communication skills and collaborative spirit is respected at all levels of the organizations she works with, where she crafts exceptional organizational planning, talent optimization, and robust policies and strategies. Julie develops trusted business partnerships in which senior leadership rely on her comprehensive employee relations’ expertise to effectively build policies for: change management, compensation, diversity, M&As as well as compliance and talent development.

Una Lounder

Business Development

Una Lounder is a Business Analyst with Sandler Consultancy's Innovation Group. Una built her career in the charity/non-profit sector in Canada in Communications, Project Management, Operations, and Executive roles. With a Master’s degree specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Una has experience in entrepreneurial and startup ecosystems, market and industry research and analysis, systems and design thinking processes, product development, go-to-market strategy, business modelling, and managing disruptive technologies.

Cece Lounder

Product Specialist

Cece is a Product Specialist with Sandler Consultancy's Innovation Group. She assists in employee training and brand development. In addition, she has also worked in operations administration for real estate firms. She has experience carrying out marketing and social media campaigns for product development, structuring operations flow, and overseeing compliance. Cece has a Masters degree in marine ecology with experience developing research protocols, collecting data, and publishing results for resource management and conservation initiatives.

Lisa Kelleher

Director of Marketing

Lisa directs the marketing and design for Sandler Consultancy's business services and technology development. She has been a communications specialist and consultant for industries from packaged goods to travel, food and wine, tech, non-profits, healthcare, hospitality and more. As a creative director of communications at one of Canada’s leading retail design companies, Lisa helped create seamless brand experiences. From branding and communications to package design, merchandising, store design, print, broadcast and online media.

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