Organizational Design and Technology Services for Businesses in the AI Era
We Work With A Wide Range Of Clients Across The Transportation, Building, and Infrastructure Sectors in Europe and North America.

We help Technology Providers develop their mobility solutions for parking, tolling, and student transportation. We also support emerging markets such as: car sharing, ride sharing and autonomous vehicles.

We help Private and Public Sector Organizations evaluate their strengths; and we introduce tools and services to improve staff performance, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

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External Orientation and Your Tech

Is your company exploring new technology or markets, undergoing changes to its product offerings or services? Defining and articulating a new path for your team should be a joint effort.

Consider building a comprehensive plan with external resources. Utilize someone who has repeatedly delivered the kind of change that generates successful outcomes.

Preserving a company’s core culture and enhancing its offering during a technology or market shift, product change, scaling initiative, code upgrade, or an acquisition often requires additional dedicated resources that are beyond your core leadership group. SC and its network of affiliates can work with you to develop and articulate what is behind your company’s product offering in order to communicate your company’s history, vision, and culture to your customers, your team, and third parties.

Through SC, Ilan Sandler can engage your leadership, and along with his experienced technology, business, and marketing colleagues, also work closely with your teams to crystallize the strengths of your product and your services by providing:

  • Product Alignment and Market Fit
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Value Proposition
  • Roadmap
  • Vision, History, and Culture

SC also provides a full range of complementary technology solutions.


Financial Modelling

Understand what demand really exists for your offering. Define your business model. Map the best route to sell your products and services at a profit.

SC and its affiliates work with you to refine your business model by distilling your company’s strengths, natural dependencies, and limitations. The process involves fine-tuning products and services in order to maximize efficiencies that keep your offering resilient when facing competition or other changes in the marketplace.

We help you to align your product with existing demand and work with you to construct a design that encapsulates what your company can realistically offer to a customer. Then we work on the road map that will allow you to deliver your offering at a profit. Our approach draws on the skills and experience of seasoned business professionals and is rooted in five key elements to constructing a successful business model:

  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Profit Formula
  • Key Processes
  • Key Resources
  • Analysis of Business Opportunities

Funding and Partnerships

Finding Funding through networking and proposal writing.

There are many ways to get the necessary capital to enhance your product and grow your workforce, including private investment, industry or research partnerships, and government grants. All require time and awareness of existing networks. SC’s experience securing government funds leads to sustained partnerships that increase revenue and stimulate access to new markets.

SC works with you to represent your company to potential funders, navigate the application process, and build sustainable relationships with funding organizations.


Communicating Your Value Proposition through Marketing

Through a combined effort with SC’s Marketing, Communications, and Content Development affiliates we steer the effective communication of your value proposition to your customers, emerging markets, and your employees.

In order to get the product to succeed tactical marketing and planning is initiated through focussed customer recruitment:

  • Mapping your product to meet demand
  • Tactical Marketing and Planning
  • Product Market Fit


Sandler Consultancy’s strong network of professionals guides the long-term development of your resources and your customers by providing expertise in the following areas:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Financial Modelling
  • Content Development
  • Human Resources
  • Business Development

Organizational Design

Many solution based emerging tech companies face similar team and product challenges that can be traced back to a lack of consistent organizational design.

Grounded in over of a decade of successful leadership in both public and private sectors, SC’s services advance an emerging technology company’s value. Internal Operational Design Modules include:

  • Team Optimization
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Company and Employee Policies
  • Hiring Practices and Procedures
  • Staff Management, Training, and Advancement
  • Compliance Programs

Internal Alignment & Education

Comprehensive education for employees not only improves their opportunities, it also builds pride in your product:

  • Lunch and Learns
  • In-depth Knowledge Base Development
  • Hackathons
  • In-house training from invited Marketing and Communications experts
  • Subsidizing employee training through accredited institutions

The goal is to develop core content not only to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace but to also deploy it internally to improve productivity through staff training and career advancement. A deeper investment in staff development will lead to immeasurable results in the robustness of the product and customer satisfaction. In concert with the development of a Marketing Strategy low cost internal initiatives can be orchestrated to define what your team does and how that helps the customer.

Case Study

“Metavera's value proposition was delivering an end-to-end technology solution to a niche market with the lowest total cost of ownership amongst our competitors. This didn't mean we were inexpensive. Ilan helped Metavera identify where our products and services added the most value to our clients, assisted in our alignment of the strategic positioning of our offering, demonstrated a commmittment to continually measuring our performance, while organizing our teams to be more engaged and effective.”
—Tony Simopoulos, Founder and Former Owner of Metavera Solutions Inc.

After providing six months of organizational design and business development consultancy for Metavera Solutions Inc. in 2013, Ilan then assumed the role of Vice President of Operations until the company was acquired by Enterprise Rent-A-Car Canada a division of Enterprise Holdings Inc.

Ilan worked closely with the CEO to scale the company’s capacity to provide a proprietary software application for 40 mobility sharing organizations around the world while preparing for an eventual acquisition. Together they:

  • Increased annual revenue by over 30% in 18 months
  • Built and managed a cohort of 25 full-time IT staff
  • Scaled the software application to provide services in 19 countries,

This stabilization and growth not only culminated in the successful acquisition of the company by Enterprise Holdings Inc., one of the largest privately owned corporations, but it also involved completing an integration of their staff with over 1500 IT workers in the US.


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