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We build AI enabled machine vision solutions for the transportation, energy, and building / infrastructure sectors. Learn more.


We provide Assessments of the architecture, performance, security, and scalability of your web application

1. Current State

Our first stage assessment gives you key indicators as to how well your solution is architected, as well as what security, implementation, or performance flaws need to be addressed in advance of scaling.

2. Performance and Scaling

Based on the degree of modularity within your solution’s components we can determine whether any significant decoupling is required to build out your services for high performance use.

3. System and Process Remediation

We will also recommend solutions to remediate critical issues both on the front end and back end, API development, and best practices to create a highly secure and efficient development cycle.

4. Roadmaps and Machine Intelligence Services as an added Value

Based on the Assessment we can then build a roadmap to include Machine Intelligence to enhance your offering.

Assessment Report

The Assessment Report identifies areas of deficiency within the architecture, implementation, and security of your web application. We will report on the following as they apply to your application:


  • Services Layer
  • API
  • Command and Control Systems
  • Applications:
    • Code Review
    • Architecture
    • Quality Assurance
    • Testing
  • Database Structures
  • 3rd Party integrations
  • Mobile Apps


  • Network
  • Monitoring
  • Server Hosting
  • Power and Data Redundancy
  • Security
  • Penetration Testing (Review of Existing Reports)
  • Application Vulnerability Assessments
  • Policies and Procedures for managing security breaches

Application Support

  • Development Life Cycle / Release Management
  • Third party integrations and dependencies
  • CRM and Customer Support Systems

Additional Assessment

  • Problem Response and Management
  • Application Performance and Data Analytics
  • Application’s suitability for an AI module

AI Roadmaps

We map the way to scaling with Machine Intelligence

The second stage Roadmap Plan will provide you with an estimate of the magnitude of the investment, personnel, and resources required to scale your solution to the enterprise level.

We can provide you with an architecture to implementation Roadmap Plan and help you execute it.

The second stage Roadmap Plan provides a comprehensive strategy for scaling the application to successfully implement an enterprise level solution; and to determine how best to implement machine learning features.

Code Solutions

Delivering full-stack development solutions

Regardless of coding language, framework, or backend database structure a well architected SaaS solution requires significant forethought on how well it will perform during the myriad upgrades and iterative cycles your team will inevitably be performing throughout its service lifespan. Equally important are the processes and values your team builds with respect to coding conventions and documentation, such that growing teams can both interpret, respect, and contribute to your IP to increase its value by satisfying your customer’s needs. Careful planning, design, and configuration is foundational to building systems that are resilient enough to evolve within the fast paced tech industry. Our team members will play to your team’s strengths, whether you favour PHP, JAVA, the C-family, or Python we can help you match your preferred codebase with the best frontend and backend frameworks, database architectures, and cloud services that ensure your systems will supersede the demands of your clients.

Team Augmentation

Sandler Consultancy has access to an expert team of Senior Software Architects, Machine Learning professionals, as well as full stack software engineers with experience building enterprise level solutions with cloud services, comprehensive database layers, as well as using a range of frontend/backend languages and application frameworks. Our team has built B2B enterprise level applications for the sharing economy, transportation, e-commerce, social network, and consultancy sectors.


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